Aalamgir is a name of boy, the origin of Aalamgir name is Arabic. its meaning Conqueror of the world..


Meaning:Conqueror of the world.
Urdu Meaning:دنیا پر چھا جانے والا

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Names with Similar Meanings:

  • Aalamgir , Conqueror of the world.
  • Alamgir , World conqueror.
  • Faateh , Conqueror
  • Faatih , Opener, beginner, conqueror.
  • Fatih , Conqueror
  • Fattooh , The little conqueror
  • Ghaazi , Conqueror
  • Ghazi , Conqueror
  • Qahir , Conqueror, subduer.
  • Sakher , Conqueror.
  • Zulqurnayn , Owner of the two horns, (World conqueror)
  • Faatihah , Begning, introduction, perface, opner, conqueror.
  • Ghaliba , Conqueror, victor, winner
  • Ghazia , Conqueror, Striver (in the defence of true faith)

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