Ajmar is a name of boy, the origin of Ajmar name is Arabic. its meaning Fastest..


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  • Ahmar , Red Coloured
  • Ajmar , Fastest.
  • Amar , Work, problem, order
  • Ammar , Builder, Constructor
  • Aqmar , Bright, brilliant, luminous,
  • Mamar , One who lives long
  • Mimar , Mason, architect
  • Muammar , Senior
  • Mummar , Given or granted long life
  • Omar , Long-Lived, omar bin khattab was a sahabi and 2nd khalif, it was in hiz time palestine was open to its people and jews where given right to practise their riligion after 1000 years of cruseder atrocity
  • Qamar , The moon. Al-Qamar
  • Samar , Fruit, Outcome.
  • Thamar , Fruit, Outcome
  • Umar , Name of the second Calipha(Islam)
  • Umar, omar , Name of second Calipha


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