Alman is a name of boy, the origin of Alman name is Arabic. its meaning Kind, willing and wiseman.


Meaning:Kind, willing and wiseman
Urdu Meaning:

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  • Alman , Kind, willing and wiseman
  • Fazli , Kind, bountiful, graceful
  • Kareem , Bountiful, Kind, Merciful, Epithet of God.
  • Karim , Kind, generous,
  • Khairul bashar , Best of mankind, an epithet
  • Latif , Gentle, kind, pleasant.
  • Lutfi , Kind, gentle
  • Nawaz , Prince, kind, loving and generous
  • Raeef , Kind,Compasionate
  • Rafiq , Kind, friend
  • Shafiq, shafeeq , Kind, compassionate, tender
  • Joodi , Kind, working.
  • Karima , Kind, generous, benevolent
  • Latifah , Gentle,Kind,Pleasant,Friendly
  • Latifah , Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly

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