Ardam is a name of boy, the origin of Ardam name is Arabic. its meaning Brave, boldman..


Meaning:Brave, boldman.
Urdu Meaning:

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Names with Similar Meanings:

  • Akhmas , Brave, valiant.
  • Ardam , Brave, boldman.
  • Daler , Brave, valiant.
  • Dilawar , Brave, Courageous
  • Ghatrif , Leader, brave, noble.
  • Humam , Brave, noble, courageous, generous
  • Jabr , Mighty, brave, Compulsion name of a companion
  • Jasir , Brave, bold, courageous
  • Jasur , Brave, bold, courageous
  • Musaab , Brave, sahabi (the first ambassador in Islam)

Similar Sounding Names:

  • Aadam , A Prophet’S Name
  • Adam , A Prophets Name
  • Andam , Forever.
  • Ardam , Brave, boldman.
  • Miqdam , In the forefront of battle
  • Muqaddam , antecedent,prior,superior,chief
  • Saddam , one who confronts in Arabic.
  • Taqaddam , Reverance, sanctity


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