Ashaaz is a name of girl, the origin of Ashaaz name is Persian. its meaning One in a million.


Meaning:One in a million
Urdu Meaning:لاکھوں میں سے ایک

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  • Arbaaz , Eagle
  • Ayaaz , Name of Sultan Mahmood's famous royal servant
  • Faaz , Victorius, successful
  • Faraaz , (Persian) Ascent, height, elevation. adj. High, aloft, exalted, lofty, exalting, elevating, ascend
  • Fayaaz , Kind & Generous
  • Iyaaz , Generous
  • Maaz , Brave Man
  • Murtaaz , Disciplined
  • Shaaz , Unique, One in many
  • Shahnaaz , Pride of a King


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