Azaan is a name of boy, the origin of Azaan name is Arabic. its meaning Call for the prayer.


Meaning:Call for the prayer
Urdu Meaning:

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  • Azaan , Call for the prayer
  • Hujayyah , The father of Ajlah bin Abdullah was so called
  • Israel , The chosen one, Hazrat Yaqoob was also called Israel.
  • Malih , A reciter of Quran was so called
  • Saabir , One who patienly and stoically edures al hardships and diffichlties, title of Ayyoob(peace be upon him).
  • Yaasmeen , A sweet-smelling flower called jasmin.
  • Burdah , She was al-Suraymiyah, and a very dutiful worshipper She wept often so she finally lost her eye sight When every thing was quiet and motionless, she used to call out in a melancholy voice, O! Habib O loved one! AN
  • Daiya , caller for Islam
  • Fariah , Fariah or Furayah was the name of a companion, daughter of Maalik bin sanan al-Ansari and sister of Abu Saeed al-Khudri She was called by either name
  • Hujayyah , The father of Ajlah bin Abdullah was so called.

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