Ehsaan is a name of boy, the origin of Ehsaan name is Arabic. its meaning Favour, good..

Ehsan is an Arabic origin name for baby boys, also a similar word "Ihsan" that means “perfection”, "goodness", "good deed".


Meaning:Favour, good.
Urdu Meaning:

Names Similar to Ehsaan

Names with Similar Meanings:

  • Ehsaan , Favour, good.
  • Fazl , Favour, grace, kindness
  • Inaam , Reward, favour, Prize
  • Maroof , Favour, kindness, kind act
  • Nimat , Blessing, boon, favour, grace, bounty, comforts of life.
  • Minnat , Grace, kindness, favour, gift.
  • Naimat , Blessing, Favour, Delight, Ease, Wealth
  • Umm-e-fazl , Mother of favour, bounty.
  • Umm-e-kulsoom , Mother of favour, bounty.

Similar Sounding Names:


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