Ghada is a name of girl, the origin of Ghada name is Arabic. its meaning Delicate young girl.


Meaning:Delicate young girl
Urdu Meaning:

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  • Arwah , More delicate, more gracious.
  • Arwarh , more delicate, more gracious
  • Ranaa , Moving gracefully, lovely, graceful, delicate, tender.
  • Tayyeb , Good and delicate
  • Tayyib , Good or delicate
  • Banan , Delicate, finger tips
  • Ghada , Delicate young girl
  • Ghaida , Young and delicate, soft.
  • Ghayda , Young and delicate
  • Ghayda, ghaydaa , Young and delicate
  • Ghaydaa , Young and delicate
  • Ghazaala , A young deer (fawn, gazelle), Beloved, Delicate young person
  • Isood , A woman of delicate body.
  • Komal , Soft and delicate girl
  • Lutfiya , Delicate, graceful.

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