Istifa is a name of boy, the origin of Istifa name is Arabic. its meaning To choose, to prefer.


Meaning:To choose, to prefer
Urdu Meaning:

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  • Abu hanifa , Founder of the Hanafi school
  • Huzaifa , Name of the sahabhi
  • Istifa , To choose, to prefer
  • Aakifa , A lady who worship Allah in solitude
  • Aatifa , Affection, Sympathy
  • Afifa , Pure, chaste, virtuous
  • Akifa , Devoted to
  • Alifa , Friendly, sociable
  • Arifa , Learned, expert, authority
  • Asifa , Organiser
  • Atifa , Affectionate, sympathetic
  • Haifa , Slender, Of beautiful body
  • Hanifa , True believer
  • Hasifa , Judicious, wise, prudent
  • Kashifa , Revealer


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