Labeed is a name of boy, the origin of Labeed name is Arabic. its meaning Poet praised by Rasulullah SAW .


Meaning:Poet praised by Rasulullah SAW
Urdu Meaning:

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  • Khayaam , Iranian Poet, Tent
  • Labeed , Poet praised by Rasulullah SAW
  • Mihyar , Name of a famous poet
  • Urfee , Name of popular Poet
  • Aani , Fatimah Khatoon Female She Was A Literary Woman And A Poetess In Qastaniniyah.
  • Hajna , Daughter of Nusayb, she was a poetess
  • Hubayshah , She was a poetess
  • Jahan khatoon , She was a Persian poet
  • Jahankhatoon , SHE WAS A PERSIAN POET.
  • Kabeesha , This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa (AN).

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