Laeeq is a name of boy, the origin of Laeeq name is Arabic. its meaning Able, fit, deserving..


Meaning:Able, fit, deserving.
Urdu Meaning:

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  • Abd al qadir , servant of the capable, powerful
  • Aleef , Friendly, Sociable, Likeable
  • Behnam , Reputable, Honorable.
  • Fadil , Generous, honorable, superior
  • Fareed , Unique, incomparable, singular, precious
  • Ghali , Valuable, dear, beloved, expensive
  • Giraami , Respectable, Precious, Dear
  • Habbab , Affable, lovable
  • Inas , Capable, Sociability
  • Juzer , Competent, Capable, Deserving
  • Khafid , Easy, comfortable, smooth
  • Khairi , Beneficent, Good, Charitable, beneficent
  • Khairy , Charitable, beneficent.
  • Laeeq , Able, fit, deserving.
  • Layeeq , Worthy, capable, clever

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