Qabeel is a name of boy, the origin of Qabeel name is Arabic. its meaning Son of prophet Aadam.


Meaning:Son of prophet Aadam
Urdu Meaning:

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  • Aamer , Ordering person
  • Abul-hassan , The Son Of Ali
  • Adawi , Grandson of Sayyindina Umer
  • Adeeb , A literary Person
  • Aejaz , A person who does miracles
  • Affan , Forgiving person
  • Agha , Honorable Person
  • Akil , Intelligent, thoughtful, one who uses reason
  • Aleemuddin , A learned person in religion.
  • Asiruddin , Honoured (person) of the religion (Islam)
  • Bazir , Educated, a great person.
  • Esmaeel , Son of Prophet Abraham.
  • Esmail , Son of prophet Ebrahim, Name of a prophet
  • Faazil , An accomplished person , scholar.
  • Fazil , An accomplished person

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