Rabee is a name of boy, the origin of Rabee name is Arabic. its meaning Spring.


Urdu Meaning:

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  • Aynulhayat , Spring (fountain) of life
  • Gul bahar , Rose spring.
  • Manhal , Fountains, spring of salubri
  • Moin , Fountain, spring.
  • Rabee , Spring
  • Rabi , Spring, breeze
  • Saahirah , Earth, moon, a spring which flows constantly.
  • Sparlay , Spring Season.
  • Zamzam , Name of a spring in Makkah al Mukarma
  • Aini , Spring, flower, source, choice
  • Aynun nahr , Source of the spring.
  • Bahaar , Spring
  • Bahar , Spring, Prime of life, Bloom of youth
  • Faza , Open and extensive area (plane), Bloom, Spring
  • Gul bahar , Rose spring.

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