Salama is a name of boy, the origin of Salama name is Arabic. its meaning is English Peace of Salam. and Urdu meaning .


Meaning:Peace of Salam.

Names Similar to Salama

Names with Similar Meanings:

  • Abdul salam, Servant of the Peace
  • Abdus salaam, Slave of the Giver of Peace
  • Abdus salam, Servant of the All-peaceable.
  • Abu darda, Famous Sahabi of Prophet Mohammad(peace be upon him)
  • Aman, Security, peace, safety
  • Arab, Peaceful, tranquil
  • Aslam, Peace
  • Chessy, Peaceful
  • Haatib, Name of the Sahabi ( who participated in the Badr ) of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him) to the ruler of Egypt.
  • Hafsah, The wife of the Holy prophet ( peace be upon him), and Ummulmoominin, mother of the believers, and the daughter of Hazrat Umar(RA).

Similar Sounding Names:


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