Shaad is a name of girl, the origin of Shaad name is Persian. its meaning (persian) Happy, pleased..


Meaning:(persian) Happy, pleased.
Urdu Meaning:خوش و خرم

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Names with Similar Meanings:

  • Faraaz , (Persian) Ascent, height, elevation. adj. High, aloft, exalted, lofty, exalting, elevating, ascend
  • Nihaal , (Persian) A young, planet, pleased, happy, prosperous.
  • Raunaq , (Persian), Luster, brightness, elegance, beauty, symmetry, color, splendor, freshness, flashing state or condition.
  • Raushan , (Persian) Bright, luster, shining.
  • Yaar , (Persian) Friend.
  • Yaawar , (Persian) Aiding, friendly, An a panion, friend.
  • Jahan-ara , (Persian) One who adorns the world.
  • Parween , (Persian) Cluster of small stars,brilliant group of persons or things.
  • Rakhshindah , (Persian) Bright, resplendent
  • Shaad , (persian) Happy, pleased.

Similar Sounding Names:

  • Aizaad , Extension, excess.
  • Ajwaad , Intelligent, Talented,
  • Amaad , Pillar, post, support.
  • Amjaad , Glory, honour.
  • Azaad , Free, liberated.
  • Hammaad , A person who praises. commends or thanks Allah most.
  • Imaad , Pillar of strength, confident
  • Iyaad , Generous
  • Khoda daad , God given. God Gifted.
  • Mufaad , Profit, interest.


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