Taasees is a name of girl, the origin of Taasees name is Arabic. its meaning Inception, foundation..


Meaning:Inception, foundation.
Urdu Meaning:

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  • Anees , Intimate, friendly
  • Arees , Peasant, farmer.
  • Farees , Braverer
  • Idrees , A Prophets name
  • Jalees , Companion, friend, person with whom one sits
  • Jergees , Brave.
  • Nafees , Refined, pure, choice
  • Rabees , Powerful, fearless, dauntless.
  • Raees , Rich, Wealthy, Chief
  • Rayees , Rich
  • Taqdees , A Name for Allah, The Almighty
  • Balqees , She was the daughter of Ahmad bin Mishqar, and a distinguished woman of her times
  • Jalees , Table Companion. Associate.
  • Lamees , Pure silk
  • Lamees , Soft to the touch


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