Taroon is a name of boy, the origin of Taroon name is Arabic. its meaning Tie / Connection..


Meaning:Tie / Connection.
Urdu Meaning:

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  • Abdul haleem , Servant of the Mild and Patient
  • Abdul halim , Servant of the Patient One
  • Abdul sabur , Servant of the Patient
  • Abdus saboor , Servant of the Patienta
  • Azim , Defender, referring to one of Gods ninety nine qualities
  • Azhaan , Geniuses, Intellects, Abilities
  • Hakeem , Wise, one of Gods ninety nine qualities
  • Haleem , Patient
  • Halim , Mild, gentle, patient
  • Jaleed , Powerful, Patient.
  • Jazey , Impatient.
  • Kashaf , Opener, one who opens. untier.
  • Mahasin , Beauty, qualities, virtues
  • Mufarrij , Who helps in removing difficulties
  • Qutaiba , Irritable, impatient.

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