Waahidah is a name of girl, the origin of Waahidah name is Arabic. its meaning One, unique.


Meaning:One, unique
Urdu Meaning:

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Names with Similar Meanings:

  • Ahad , The one, The names of Allah
  • Baqir , Beloved one, Close to heart
  • Israel , The chosen one, Hazrat Yaqoob was also called Israel.
  • Risay , The Risk, Black Rose, Lovest One, The One
  • Rukham , White stone, marble.
  • Waahid , One, without partner, unique, an attribute applied to Allah AJmighty.
  • Yaaqoot , Ruby, a precious stone, a garnet.
  • Alveena , Loved one, cared one, liked.
  • Azah , Loved one, good, successful.
  • Niazmina , Dear One, Apple of the Eye.

Similar Sounding Names:

  • Abdah , Nick name of Abdur - Rehman
  • Abu ubaidah , A great Sahabi of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)
  • Fiddah , Silver.
  • Jawdah , Heavy rain, benevolent deed
  • Khulaidah , A form of Khalidah
  • Maajidah , Glorious, honorable, generous, splendid.
  • Mashhoodah , Attested, proved, evidence, clear, manifest, present.
  • Qataadah , Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
  • Qatadah , Name of a companion of the Prophet
  • Rawdah , Garden Meadow, Paradise


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