Wahuj is a name of girl, the origin of Wahuj name is Arabic. its meaning First light of day, Dawn.


Meaning:First light of day, Dawn
Urdu Meaning:

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Names with Similar Meanings:

  • Abdul awwal , Slave of the First One
  • Alif , The first character in Hijaiyah
  • Awwal , First. Al-Awwal, the first:
  • Daghfal , Name of first Islamic geologist
  • Maawiya , A young dog or fox (First Umayyad Khalifah)
  • Muharram , First month of Islamic year
  • Musaab , Brave, sahabi (the first ambassador in Islam)
  • Saabiq , The first in a race, Name of a Sahabi (RA) who was the servant of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).
  • Sabiq , First, winner.
  • Saiful , First part of compound Arabic names beginning with (Sayf al) meaning "sword of the" (such as SAIF-AL-DIN).

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