Yaamin is a name of boy, the origin of Yaamin name is Arabic. its meaning Blessed, auspicious..


Meaning:Blessed, auspicious.
Urdu Meaning:

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  • Humayun , Blessed, sacred, royal, imperial
  • Mabruk , Blessed, prosperous.
  • Munaim , Blessed, who charity gives to others
  • Sadaan , Happier, Blessed, luckier.
  • Yaameen , Blessed, auspicious.
  • Yaamin , Blessed, auspicious.
  • Mabrooka , Blessed, prosperous
  • Marzooqa , blessed, fortunate.
  • Mayameen , The blessed, the brave
  • Mubaarakah , Auspicious, blessed, august, sacred, holy, happy, fortunate.
  • Mubaraka , Blessed, fortunate, lucky
  • Yumnaa , Right side, blessed, grace.

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