Yumnaa is a name of girl, the origin of Yumnaa name is Arabic. its meaning Right side, blessed, grace..


Meaning:Right side, blessed, grace.
Urdu Meaning:

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  • Daanaa , Wise, Learned
  • Ranaa , Moving gracefully, lovely, graceful, delicate, tender.
  • Hanaa , Variant transcription of HANA
  • Hasnaa , Beautiful,pretty woman.
  • Hinaa , The Indian privet, a shrub, the leaves of which are used for dyeing the hands, feet and hair.
  • Husnaa , Most pious, most beautiful, most precious.
  • Ranaa , Lovely,Beautiful,Graceful,Delicate
  • Sanaa , Eminence, sublimity, Brilliance, splendor
  • Sanaa , (Thana),Praise of God.
  • Thanaa , Praise, applause, eulogy.


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