Zahid is a name of boy, the origin of Zahid name is Arabic. its meaning Self denying, abstentious, ascetic.


Meaning:Self denying, abstentious, ascetic
Urdu Meaning:

Names Similar to Zahid

Names with Similar Meanings:

  • Abdul ghani , Servant of the Self Sufficient
  • Abdul qayyum , Servant of the Self Subsisting
  • Aetisham , Preserving oneself from sin.
  • Ghayoor , Self-respecting.
  • Ieethaar , (Isaar), Sacrifice, selflessness.
  • Isaar , Selflessness.
  • Ithaar , Selflessness
  • Muslim , Submitting oneself to God
  • Ubayy , One with high self esteem
  • Waqaar , Self-respect
  • Zahid , Self denying, abstentious, ascetic
  • Zawaad , Man of self-respect, noble.
  • Aakifah , Devoted, Dedicated,a lady who dedicates herself to Allah.
  • Fadiyah , Redeemer, self sacrificing
  • Fadwa , Name derived from self sacrifice

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