Zahidasultana is a name of girl, the origin of Zahidasultana name is Arabic. its meaning Pious queen.


Meaning:Pious queen
Urdu Meaning:

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  • Dana , Wise, learned.
  • Dowana , Nubian name. god of greec
  • Gul-e-rana , beautiful flower.
  • Hana , Arabic form of John
  • Rana , A flower, happy and gay
  • Sana , Praise, commendation, eulogy.
  • Yagana , Unique, unprecedented.
  • Yaqana , Unique, unprecedented.
  • Afana , The forgiver, pardner.
  • Afsana , Story
  • Amana , Faithful, to believe
  • Apana , Almond.
  • Ariana , Land of Arians
  • Asheeyana , House, nest
  • Ayana , Lucky, good day, day of judgement


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