Zameena is a name of girl, the origin of Zameena name is Arabic. its meaning Intelligent, Intellectual.


Meaning:Intelligent, Intellectual
Urdu Meaning:

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Names with Similar Meanings:

  • Ajwaad , Intelligent, Talented,
  • Akil , Intelligent, thoughtful, one who uses reason
  • Aqeel , Wise, Intelligent, sensible
  • Areeb , wise, intelligent, expert
  • Aydin , Brilliant, Intelligent, Light of the moon
  • Danish , Intelligent, wisdom
  • Dhakiy , Intelligent, bright
  • Fahim,faheem , intelligent,scholar in Arabic.
  • Fatan , Intelligent, sagacious, smar
  • Haaziq , Intelligent, Skillfull
  • Hamiz , Brilliant,intelligent, discerning
  • Labeeq , Intelligent,Active,Adorned,Refined
  • Najib , Intelligent, Noble
  • Rasheed , Rationale, Prutend, Intelligent, Rightly-guided
  • Zaki , Intelligent, pure, chaste

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