Zar wareen

Zar wareen is a name of girl, the origin of Zar wareen name is Persian. its meaning Derived from Zarwari.


Name:Zar wareen
Meaning:Derived from Zarwari
Urdu Meaning:

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  • Jawdat , goodness, excellence, derived from Arabic (jada) "to be excellent". Male and Female
  • Juda , goodness, excellence, derived from Arabic (jada) "to be excellent".
  • Ziya , Derived from Arabic, source of lights, light, glow.
  • Zwaahir , Derived from Arabic (zahara) meaning "to become clear, to emerge".
  • Fadwa , Name derived from self sacrifice
  • Fadwah , Name derived from self-sacrifice
  • Selima , Variant transcription of SALIMA "safe", derived from Arabic (salima) "to be safe".
  • Zar wareen , Derived from Zarwari

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