Asad ullah

Asad ullah is a name of boy, the origin of Asad ullah name is Arabic. its meaning is English Lion of Allah, Title of Hazrat Ali and Urdu meaning اللہ کا شیر - حضرت علی کا لقب.


Name:Asad ullah
Meaning:Lion of Allah, Title of Hazrat Ali

How to write Asad ullah name in other language:

Arabic:أسد الله
Urdu:اسد اللہ

`Names with similar meanings:

AbbaasGrim-faced, lion 1
AbbasDescription of a lion 1
AlabbasDescription of a lion 1
AlparslanHero-lion 1
ArsalaanLion 1
AsadHappy, fortunate, lucky,Virtuous, Lion 1
AsadullahLion of Allah, Title of Hazrat Ali 1
AshabLion, Diffcult, Strict. 1
AzlanLion 1
AzmarayVarient for Zmaray (Lion). 1

Similar Sounding Names:

Abd allahservant of God
AbdallahSlave of God
AbdullahServant of God
AbidullahWorshipper of Allah(awt).
AflahGaining success-but the Prop
AhmadullahI praise Allah.
AhsanullahFavor of God.
AjlahA narrator of hadith
Amanullahcare of Allah
AmiduddawlahSupport of the state


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