Hamoodur Rahman

Hamoodur Rahman is a name of boy, the origin of Hamoodur Rahman name is Arabic. its meaning is English One Who Praises Allah and Urdu meaning رحمان کی حمد کرنے والا ۔ رحمان کا شکرگزار.


Name:Hamoodur Rahman
Meaning:One Who Praises Allah

How to write Hamoodur Rahman name in other language:

Arabic:حمود الرحمان
Urdu:حمود الرحمان

`Names with similar meanings:

Abdul afuwSlave of the one who pardons 1
Abdul ahadservant of the only One 1
Abdul aliSlave of the High one 1
Abdul awwalSlave of the First One 1
Abdul azizServant of the Powerful (Dear) One 1
Abdul baisSlave of the one who raises 1
Abdul hakimServant of the Wise One 1
Abdul halimServant of the Patient One 1
Abdul hamidServant of the Praised One 1
Abdul karimServant of the Noble, Generous One 1

Similar Sounding Names:

Abd al rahmanservant of the merciful
Abdul rahmanServant of the Beneficent
AbdulrahmanServent of allah
Abdur rahmanServant of the most Gracious
AlmanKind, willing and wiseman
AmanSecurity, peace, safety
ArmanDesire, hope
Ata al rahmanGift of the Beneficent


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