Wasilah is a name of boy, the origin of Wasilah name is Arabic. its meaning is English Bin al-Asqa RA had this name. and Urdu meaning .


Meaning:Bin al-Asqa RA had this name.

`Names with similar meanings:

AsfaTanned sun burned, Bin Asla 1
BukhariMuhammad bin Ismail Al-Bukhari(Narrator of Hadith book Sahi bokhari) 1
DhukaaThe sun, dawn, morning, suitable combination: Zukaa 1
DinarName of the grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit 1
HujayyahThe father of Ajlah bin Abdullah was so called 1
HuzaylBin Shurah bil had this name 1
NaqitSalih bin Aasim had this name. 1
OmarLong-Lived, omar bin khattab was a sahabi and 2nd khalif, it was in hiz time palestine was open to its people and jews where given right to practise their riligion after 1000 years of cruseder atrocity 1
RabitBinding, Fastening 1
WaasifDescribing 1

Similar Sounding Names:

Abd allahservant of God
AbdallahSlave of God
AbdullahServant of God
AbidullahWorshipper of Allah(awt).
AflahGaining success-but the Prop
AhmadullahI praise Allah.
AhsanullahFavor of God.
AjlahA narrator of hadith
Amanullahcare of Allah
AmiduddawlahSupport of the state


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