Yusra, yusraa

Yusra, yusraa is a name of girl, the origin of Yusra, yusraa name is Arabic. its meaning is English Most prosperous and Urdu meaning خوشحالی.


Name:Yusra, yusraa
Meaning:Most prosperous

`Names with similar meanings:

Abdul aaleeServant of the Most High 1
Abdul azeezservant of the most powerful 1
Abdul mutaalServant of the Most High 1
Abdul mutaliServant of the most High 1
Abdul qawiServant of the Most Strong 1
Abdul quddusServant of the Most Holy 1
Abdul qudoosServant of the Most Holy 1
Abdul raheemServant of the Most Compassionate 1
Abdul shakurServant of the Most Thankful 1
Abdur rahimServant of the most Merciful 1

Similar Sounding Names:

BaraaName of Sahabi( al baraa ibnu malik)
AzraaUnpierced pearl
BahraaBeautiful, shining
HamraaRedcolored female.
HumairaaRed colored girl, Name of Ummulmoominin Hazrat Aaishah (RA).
IsraaVariant transcription of ISRA
SafooraaName of the wife of Hazrat Moosa (peace be upon him).
SughraaSmall, slender, tender.
SumairaaName of a Sahabiyyah(RA).


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